Read the text of the contract-offer. Below is a form with the fields that must be filled out to conclude an agreement.

Offer agreement

Jl. Monkey Forest No.12, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571
This contract is an offer, PT GENERASI TEKNOLOGI KUANTUM, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", to an individual, hereinafter referred to as «Blogger».
Full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Offer (acceptance) is the performance by the Blogger of actions aimed at signing the contract, namely data entry (name, social network link, phone number, e-mail), which provided the customer in personal correspondence, in a special field on the Customer’s website.

1. Subject of the contract
1.1. Under this contract, the Customer undertakes to provide the Blogger with a product from the Customer’s model range, water «nanoGold hydrogen water 12 L» (hereinafter referred to as «Product»)and Blogger undertakes to provide services to the Customer on creation and placement of advertising information material about the Customer’s products on the Blogger page in social. Instagram networks (hereinafter referred to as «services»).
The Parties shall mutually exchange goods and services without monetary payment.
1.3. The terms of cooperation are selected by ticking the box opposite one of the three options at the bottom of the page with the offer agreement.
1.4. Advertising Publishing Options and Stories:

✔ Presence in the post of the original photo of the Blogger, made by him with the goods provided by the Customer with the mark of Instagram-page of the Customer @okeara.water
✔Mention of a unique promotional code at 10% discount on the products of the Customer (hereinafter - "promotional code");
✔ Mention of Customer’s Instagram Page @okeara.water

1.5. Advertisement publication and Stories must meet the following requirements:

✔ The text should be written in competent Russian;
✔ Post or storis must comply with the specifications provided by the Customer;
✔ Before publishing storis and post agree text with customer;
✔ Text, video and all images must comply with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Indonesia, including the Federal Law "On Advertising" and must not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties.

2. Rights and obligations of the parties. Order of delivery and acceptance of work performed and services rendered
2.1. The blogger undertakes:
2.1.1. Within 5 (Five) working days from the date of delivery of the goods by the Customer, prepare an advertising publication taking into account the requirements specified in paragraph 1.3 and 1.4 of this Contract.
2.1.2. Place the advertising information material about the Customer’s products on the page indicated earlier in the proper quality in accordance with the terms of this contract. The blogger undertakes not to delete this content within 24 hours for the storis and 30 days for the post.
2.2. The Blogger grants the Customer non-exclusive, free of charge, perpetual, transferable, irrevocable and fully transferable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivative works and publicly display and perform promotional material about the product published by Blogger, worldwide in any media now known or developed in the future.
2.3. During the period of validity of this contract, the Customer undertakes:
2.3.1. Provide the Blogger with the goods in accordance with paragraph 1.1., and according to the chosen cooperation in paragraph 1.3. of this contract.
2.3.2. Within 5 (Five) working days from the date of signing the agreement to provide information that will be contained in the advertising message (promotional code, technical assignment).

3. Cost of services and settlement
3.1 The Parties shall assume that the mutually provided services and goods under this contract are of equal value to each of them.
3.2. In the event of the impossibility of performing the obligations caused by the Blogger, the goods are to be paid in full to the other party.
3.3. The goods are sent to the Blogger at the Customer’s expense. From the moment the goods are shipped, the Customer’s obligation to supply and transfer the ownership of the goods is considered fulfilled.
3.4. The blogger undertakes to return the package in its entirety after use. The customer at his own expense will organize the packing back.
3.5. Services shall be deemed to have been provided after the Blogger has fulfilled the conditions specified in para. 1.3 of this contract.

4. Procedure for modification and termination of this contract.
Responsibility of the parties
4.1. The parties may terminate this contract by mutual agreement.
4.2. If at the time of rendering services under this contract there is a need to make any changes and additions to the terms of this contract, such changes and additions will be valid if they are made in writing, including e-mail correspondence, which has the force of a simple electronic signature and amounts to paper documents with the personal signatures of the parties.
4.3. The Parties shall bear material responsibility for the non-performance and for the improper performance of their obligations under this Agreement in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.4. The Parties shall be exempt from liability for partial or total non-performance of the obligations under this Agreement if this failure was due to circumstances of force majeure arising after the conclusion of the Contract which the Parties could not have foreseen, or to prevent reasonable measures or actions of an emergency nature.
4.5. In case of delay of preparation of advertising information material or goods due to fault of the Customer, the period of publication is shifted to correspondent
4.6. The Customer has the right to waive the obligations under this Agreement and to terminate this Agreement unilaterally by notifying the Blogger in writing.
4.7. The blogger has the right to refuse to fulfill the obligations under this contract and unilaterally terminate this contract, having notified the Customer in writing only on condition of full compensation to the Customer of losses (The blogger is obliged to pay the Customer the cost of the goods and delivery service or return the goods not opened with the whole package).

5. Duration of the treaty, final clauses
5.1. This Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its acceptance by the Blogger and shall remain in force until the parties have fulfilled their obligations under the Agreement.
5.2. All disputes and disagreements arising between the parties regarding the performance of obligations under this Agreement will be settled by negotiation on the basis of the existing legislation.
5.3. In case of failure to regulate disputed issues, disputes are settled in court in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation.
5.4. In everything else that is not provided for in this agreement, the parties shall be guided by the current legislation.
Options of cooperation with «Okeara» company:

1 option - DELUX
From us: for a month, every Monday, you get a free box of 12 liters of hydrogen water. Total of 4 boxes per month.

From you:
Four hundred a week with a mention of our water.
At least once a week, a post mentioning water.
We give you the promo code Delux1 - you give it to your subscribers.
Everyone who buys water from us on this promo code get a discount of 5%, you from each order on promo code cashback - 10% (this is 48.000 IDR per each package of water 12l)

2 option - COMFORT
From us: within a month, you get free 2 cartons of 12l of hydrogen water per month (one box every 2 weeks)

From you:
At least two hundred a week with water.
At least once every two weeks, a post mentioning water.
We give you the promo code Comfort1 - you give it to your signers.
Everyone who buys this promotional code gets a discount of 5%, and you from each order on the promotional cashback - 7% ( it is 33,600 IDR each box in 12l)

3 option - STANDART
From us: within a month you get 1 carton of 12l hydrogen water for free. (Immediately after signing the offer)

From you:
At least four hundred a month with water in it.
At least once a month, a post mentioning water.
We give you the Standart1 promo code - you give it to your subscribers.
Everyone who buys on this promotional code gets a discount of 5%, you from each order by promo cashback - 5% ( it is 24.000 IDR with each package of water in 12l)

Please choose the cooperation option you are most interested in!
Conclusion contract offer