We purify spring water from impurities and bacteria using reverse osmosis filters and structure it by drip, then saturate the water with atomic hydrogen. As a result, we get pure, structured water enriched with hydrogen

Водород (Н2) -

Самый безопасный и самый сильный антиоксидант в мире

Содержание водорода: 300-800 мг\л

Водород стимулирует биологические антиоксидантные ферменты, что снижает окислительный стресс в организме и функционирует как противовоспалительная, противоаллергическая и антиапоптотическая молекула и участвует в энергетическом обмене.

Элемент Н2 играет такую роль в жизнедеятельности, как и кислород. Эти элементы участвуют в реакциях окисления и восстановления, где кислород отвечает за окисление, а водород за восстановление

  • Hydrogen content

    300-800 ppm

    Hydrogen possesses antioxidant properties that can help combat oxidative stressрессом

  • Safe packaging


    It is free from bisphenol and does not penetrate ultraviolet. It prevents oxidation and preserves nutrients

  • Structured water

    It affects the water's ability to penetrate through the cell membrane and hydrate it

  • TDS

    8-10 ppm

    The amount of impurities contained in the water is 95% less than that of competitors (premium quality)

  • PH


    The acidity level corresponds

    to the value in the human blood

  • ORP

    -150-300 mV

    The amount of impurities in the water affects its ability to attach to and eliminate free radicals from the body

Hydrogen (H2)

The safest and most potent antioxidant in the world:
  • One of the major advantages of H2 is its size. Being the smallest molecule, H2 can penetrate cell membranes and blocked blood vessels, protecting mitochondria and DNA from the oxidative effects of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS - free radicals).
  • One molecule of H2 neutralizes two molecules of the hydroxyl radical (OH - the most dangerous free radical for the body), forming ordinary water H2O in the process. This makes H2 a highly effective antioxidant. H2 + OH* = 2H2O

Negatively charged water

ORP (oxidation-reduction potential): -300mV
  • protects the body from free radicals
  • boosts the immune system
  • provides additional energy to the body
  • can enhance the medicinal effect of concurrently taken drugs


Total Dissolved Solids in water: 8-10 mg/l
  • 5-50 Ideal drinking water
  • 50-170 Drinking water from underground sources. Water purified by charcoal filters.
  • 170-230 Permissible drinking water with high impurity content. (Bottled water in stores)
  • 250-450 Non-potable water. Not suitable for drinking.


  • For storing hydrogen water, we utilize a multi-layer metallized vacuum container that retains hydrogen for an extended period.
  • Thanks to the vacuum, the water does not oxidize.
  • The container shields the water from ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation, preserving its structure.
  • Our packaging avoids contact between water and hazardous types of plastic, detergent residues, and bisphenol, contributing to maintaining your health.
"Okeara" water is ecologically clean. The packaging is reusable. Each time we deliver water to you, we retrieve the empty packaging and reuse it, thus avoiding pollution of Bali island and our planet.

Water Structure

  • Affects water's ability to permeate through cell membranes and saturate them with moisture.
  • Uniform, crystal-clear ice freezing without white clumps.


  • We employ an atomic method of saturating water with hydrogen, avoiding electrolysis (which produces two types of liquids: distillate and damaged water with broken bonds).
  • Furthermore, H2 is entirely safe and harmless as it doesn't accumulate in tissues and organs. When reacting with ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), it forms ordinary water.
  • Hydrogen is familiar to our bodies since we are exposed to it daily through the gut metabolism of bacteria. The gut flora produces H2 during the digestion of dietary fibers.


  • Okeara hydrogen water possesses potent antioxidant and detox effects due to its hydrogen content.
  • The water's structure lacks informational clusters, allowing it to nourish every cell in our bodies and eliminate toxins.
  • Your body no longer needs to expend energy on cell cleansing and detoxification. Thanks to its proper structure and negative charge, "Okeara" permeates every cell and purifies it.
  • Hydrogen naturally elevates the body's ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), directly impacting the immune system's resilience against viruses and bacteria.
  • Additionally, hydrogen effectively thins the blood, aiding in nourishing your body not only with moisture but also with oxygen.
Removes toxins
Improves memory
helps cleanse cells and eases the burden on detoxification systems
positively influences memory, enhancing cognitive functions, and protecting neurons from oxidative stress
the risk of
strengthens the body's defense mechanisms and maintains balance
in inflammatory processes
thanks to its antioxidant properties, it can protect DNA from damage and reduce inflammation in the body
Slows down
the aging process
Enhances skin condition
reduces oxidative stress, supporting cell health, and promoting an increase in life energy
improves skin condition by moisturizing and refreshing it, reducing inflammation, and maintaining its natural elasticity and radiance
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