Companies worldwide have recently been conducting numerous studies on the properties of hydrogen water. And not without reason, as scientists are concluding about its uniqueness and significance for the human body. Its potential is hard to overestimate. More and more applications of this remarkable product are being discovered every day. These include cosmetics, medicine, food products, and much more.

Yuri Andreevich Frolov is the host of the "Healthy Life" channel.
He talks about the positive changes and the impact on the health of people who have been consuming hydrogen water exclusively for a long time
Tavaza Kenji is an esteemed professor at the University of Toyama's School of Medicine and Pharmacy. He is also the director of the Japanese Hydrogen Water Users Association (J.H.P.A.) and the chairman of the Scientific Society of Hydrogen Water.
In this lecture, he discusses the prospects of using hydrogen water and its unique properties, as there is much yet to be discovered
Valeriy Pavlovich Hryshchuk is a scientist, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, and the director of Ukrainian-German Center "REDOX" LLC.
In his lecture, he discusses the therapeutic properties of gaseous molecular hydrogen. He will also talk about water indicators such as ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) and pH
Oleg Stefanovich Medvedev is a medical doctor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, head of the Pharmacology Department, and the first dean of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine at Moscow State University (MGU).
In the program "O samom glavnom" ("About the most important"), he talks about the benefits of hydrogen water and its differences from ordinary water not enriched with hydrogen.
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